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If you need a floor that says something big, something bold – look for a premium vinyl tile manufacturer with a range of product lines, and a cool, modern vibe. Today’s luxury vinyl tiles are taking the world of commercial interiors by storm, with new methods of photo printing, creating cool modern looks and designs never seen before.

Create a one-of-a-kind mural with precision-cut colored tile. Custom options allow you to replicate a work of art, a corporate or government logo, or to add text or images in a repeating pattern. Premium companies may have standard options that will amaze you. Install a floor mural that looks like a sheet of ice on a winter’s day, a blanket of autumn leaves, a grassy lawn, or a riverbed. Or select a funky pattern like multi-colored cowhide, hammered aluminum, or panels of metal tread plate.

Say exactly what you want: make a statement with vinyl tile floors!
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Sometimes, a project needs a unifying element, something that draws the eye and makes the space unique. It could be an image that’s meaningful to the people who will visit the space. It could be a landscape designed to bring the feel of nature into the building, or a visually arresting pattern.


The only material that allows you to create virtually anything that you can imagine is vinyl tile. Fortunately, it’s also a flooring material that has many other advantages: better manufacturers carry premium vinyl tiles that are durable, budget friendly, safe, and eco friendly.


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